With the passage of time, we have seen a majority of people migrating to Istanbul from Karachi. Istanbul, an advanced city of Turkey providing all the basic necessities and maximum advantages to its people! How and why? Because its people trusted their Muslim leaders. They had a direction to follow – the path of Almighty and His prophet PBUH. Under the light of Quran and sunnah, they fulfilled the rights of citizens of Istanbul and helped the needy and deserving ones. But what about Karachites? Don’t they deserve their rights to be fulfilled? Electricity, water, food, and proper medication – the rights of every individual! We have seen the situation of Karachi getting worse by time so where are we lacking in? Why are we struggling and what mistakes are we still repeating? Dear Karachites, let’s make Karachi another Istanbul by trusting our great Muslim leaders again. To stop repeating the mistakes we have done in our past, check out this video. Open your eyes and select your leaders wisely this time.

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