There should be a limit to the careless attitude the Pakistani Public has for serious issues. The poetry of Iqbal is one of those issues people would carelessly play with. Giving the credits of different meaningless couplets to Dr. Iqbal should be considered a sin. People would write Iqbal’s name under every other couplet when they want to make it famous or don’t know the name of the real poet.   

This is unfair to Iqbal, the real poet, and the ones reading it under the impression of Iqbal.  

Forward messages have played a major role in spreading inaccurate poetry around. Social media has made it next level, by publishing such content on mass levels.  

There should be authenticity verified carefully before forwarding or posting any of Iqbal’s couplets so that we could be less ashamed when we meet him on the resurrection day.  

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