Legislation passed against Dowry (Jahaiz) in KPK assembly Pakistan

Dowry is one of the many curses in our society. In our religion, it’s forbidden to demand and take money, expensive gifts, and property in the name of dowry. Despite this, it’s normal in our society especially among the rich and middle-class people to give dowry and advertise it just for the sake of showing off. It has become a status symbol. People give excuses that our daughter will get honored by her in-laws if we give her jewelry, clothes, and other items in the name of dowry.

It’s sad that in our society, money is the criterion for the honor. Girls’parents spend their whole life saving every penny that they can to save up for the dowry. We should try to eradicate this bad custom from our society as soon as possible.

But there is good news: in the KPK assembly, an MPA Rashida Riffat from Jamat e Islami has presented a bill against dowry. The bill was passed with a majority. We hope that practical measures would be taken by Jamat e Islami to uproot this social evil.


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