About us

We are a social media platform, aiming to produce constructive content positively.

We compose successfully choreographed videos with factual research and details, to ensure thought stimulation with a powerful, visionary message.  This website site is an effort of sincere professionals and faculty of serious thinkers who like to present and promote constructive videos and written content that is suitable for every person in a family. We aim to dispense direct knowledge and activate each individual’s intuitions. Our topics revolve around social issues, political discussions, public awareness, thought-provoking ideas, Quran animations, and excerpts from different books. We are particularly working on the ideology of Dr. Allama Iqbal and other similar revolutionary thinkers. The incidents of the past, the general history, and Islamic history are also narrated on our platform. We discuss women issues, respect of women in Islam, and their value. Real-life stories around the globe are recorded and shared here. Different aspects of religion and discussed and pondered over upon. Uplifting motivational videos regarding self-help and character building are also shared. We also love to share ideas for children’s upbringing, helpful for parents.

Our purpose:

  1. To fill the void with calculated video content
  2. To become a trendsetter of purposeful videos
  3. To provide solutions to the problems
  4. To Improve everyday life
  5. To provide a forum where people can engage intellectually and contribute with new ideas
  6. To activate a community of innovators and synergize their expertise with like-minded team effort