Violence against women in Pakistan is in the news everywhere. Already shocked by Zainab’s brutal rape case in 2018, Pakistanis are deeply saddened by Noor Muqaddam’s grisly murder. Many people have shown their disgust and anger on social media. Sadly, women are scared for their safety and integrity in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. These beasts who abduct, rape, and behead innocent women and children are part of our society. A society we proudly call an Islamic society. On one side, people are demanding public execution of the culprits. On the other side, there is this debate of victim-blaming and shaming. Even in these dire situations, our nation is not united. Is there any lack in our upbringing? Do we teach our kids at home and in schools that women are sexual objects? If the answer is no then why are we seeing these crimes? Do you want to know what is responsible for these inhumane crimes? Then watch this video.

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