When it is the season of elections arriving, you would find lines of candidates outside your houses making high-end promises to you and asking for your trust and vote. The false claims and high averments make you fall in their trap for the next five years.

You should be asking yourself, that if a candidate is spending millions on his election campaign, he would definitely compensate for the loss by making more money through his seat. Instead of serving the countrymen and Pakistan, if a person is focused on corruption, is he worth electing?


Here, it is foremost necessary to make the right decision in choosing your representative and decision-maker for the future. There are several factors to keep in mind before you stamp that powerful paper.

A candidate with the following traits in the light of Quran and Sunnah is more deserving to get your vote:

  1. Pious and God-fearing
  2. An honest and trustworthy image in society
  3. Someone who wouldn’t use his seat for making money
  4. A knowledgeable person in required fields
  5. Mentally and physically suitable for the position
  6. Has a strong personality
  7. Has a clean past

Don’t let corrupt and ineligible people rule over you!

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