Pakistan is exemplary to find filthy rich governors, PM and president including the other officials, all enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while the public gets crushed with the burden of taxes and never ending inflation. In comparison, the President of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern lives in a 643 Sq. Ft yard small house which was built in 1920. Same goes with the Presidents, ex presidents and other governmental officials of several rich countries living a very simple life. This promotes anti-materialism in populace. An example gets set of a simple and healthy lifestyle for everyone to follow. This comparison shouldn’t get you in despair. There were such examples in Pakistani politics as well. And not just in past, there is a political party of Pakistan whose Head and party staff still live in a very simple way, just like the rest of the common public. Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan is that party with its Head Siraj Ul Haq living the most simple life. How does he do so? Watch the video to know in detail.

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