No matter how dark the days are, there is always an end to it. You just need to have faith in Allah, and yourself. Faith was the core belief which kept our Prophet Muhammadﷺ going no matter how much cruelty he and his companions (R.A) had to face at the hands of the Mushrikeens of Makkah. But, they put their firm belief in Allah subhanah wa ta’la and the whole world saw, that after a few years he entered Makkah as the conqueror. The same place he was forced to leave in the dark of the night, he entered there with his head held high and everyone bowing to him for mercy. The Mushrikeen e Makkah who didn’t leave a single chance to torture him and his companions were asking for his forgiveness. And he forgave them. It was all possible because he never once lose faith in Allah subhanah wa ta’la. Allah helps those who seek His help and put their beliefs in Him. The only condition is to have faith, and the blessing and victories are yours. That’s Allah’s promise to us. So, never lose faith in Him, and just trust Him and never succumb to the evil forces. He will pave the path for you. Put your energies to spread His name and system and He will help you from the ways you can never imagine. May Allah ta’la make us the ones who work to administer His laws in this world. Ameen.

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