On the day of Judgment, a Muslim would be brought in front of the Almighty. He would perform good deeds throughout his life but all of them would be erased. His good deeds would no longer save him from the wrath of Allah. Allah would punish him for the actions he committed in private thinking as if no one sees him. In this video, there is a young man shown who performs Hajj, offers Namaz on time, observes fast and does all the good deeds a ‘Momin’ can do. But there is a major sin he committed not knowing that it would be his last day on this earth. As he did not get time for repentance, Allah SWT deleted all his good deeds. Watch this video to know about the sins that will make you bankrupt on the day of judgement. Save yourself from the hellfire by understanding and implementing on the hadith Prophet PBUH warned us about.

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