Listen to the melodious recitation of Surah Kahf, The Cave, with Urdu Translation every Friday. Surah Al-Kahf is the 18th Surah of Al-Quran which offers plenty of benefits. It is recommended by Prophet Muhammad PBUH to recite Surah Kahf every Friday to stay safe from Dajjal and its traps. Allah SWT showers light (Noor) on your face for the next two Fridays if you recite Surah kahf on Friday. Every sin of yours will be forgiven. Your house will be under the protection of Allah SWT and gets showers of blessings. The first ten and the last ten ayahs are strongly recommended by Prophet Muhammad PBUH to memorize to stay safe from the traps of Dajjal. As the Fitnah of Dajjal has started to appear for a long time now, every Muslim must listen to Surah Kahf and revise their faith and it’s strength. May Allah SWT keep us safe from the Fitnah of Dajjal. Ameen.

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