If we name 2020, The Year of Deaths, it won’t be inaccurate. Every other day brought news of someone’s death, leaving behind numbers of people to mourn. The gloomy vibes got stronger with the downfall of the economic conditions of the whole world. People lost their jobs and several people became prey to anxiety and depression. The uncertainty of the situation made everything much worse. Continuous tragedies for the people of Karachi made it a year of grieving. Many of us would be relieved that it is ending. No doubt it was a difficult year for all of us. It taught us how to survive, be empathetic, and care for others. The year 2020 is now ending. Let’s hope the new year 2021 brings peace, happiness, and love for everyone. Let’s hope it becomes a source of blessings for everyone. This video has a heartbreaking Shayari about Coronavirus and its effects in 2020.

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