Are you in pursuit of happiness? Then you must watch this video. Where do you think we can find true and ever-lasting happiness? Many of us think that celebrities who led luxurious lives are the happiest people. To your surprise, in this video, you would get to know about three billionaire celebrities who despite having so much wealth got bankrupt. You might be familiar with their names. Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, and Mike Tyson, all three lost all their wealth in pursuit of happiness. They ran after their worldly and materialistic desires and bought real estate properties and expensive cars and threw lavish parties. But still, their mental state was miserable and they were not happy at all. In the end, they neither had money nor happiness. Aren’t their stories enough proof to demonstrate that we can’t get real happiness by chasing our materialistic desires? Real happiness lies in making Allah happy. This is not difficult at all. As Muslims, we can make Allah happy by doing small good deeds. Try it today and find real happiness.

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