While the people of Lahore are rejoicing about, Orange Train Project, Karachiites are still using reckless “ching-chi” rides as there isn’t a single thoughtful plan to cater to the need of transport of 46 million people. Plans for the prosperity of Karachi are often dumped for political gains and point-scoring. Just like the plans of KMTP and green buses initiated by Naimatullah Khan, (late) got wasted away when the government did not approve them for political reasons.

A megacity like Karachi deserves a proper transportation system for its residents. Not mere promises but the actual groundwork are required to turn Karachi great again.

This dream could turn into reality only when a mayor with past credentials and trust takes the seat. A mayor like Naimatullah Khan or someone who is working on his ideology. Karachi deserves a break now!

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