Every other day we hear scandals of different politicians or bureaucrats found guilty in corruption cases. It makes us wonder what kind of country we are living in where the top leadership isn’t honest and trustworthy. It eventually results in poor handling of government affairs and a lack of public trust as their prime goal is to make their fortunes bigger rather than working for the betterment of their countrymen.

But there is a political party in Pakistan which isn’t listed anywhere in the NAB lists of corruption even though its members were selected as MNAs, MPAs, Ministers, and assembly members but no spot of corruption was found on their sleeves.

The question that arises here is why the nation keeps on selecting the corrupts over and over again even when there is an alternative honest party present with its strong profile of working tirelessly for the people.

What’s the name of the party? Which key positions have they acquired in government till now?
And why doesn’t the nation select them?

Get the answers through this video.


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