Sometimes while reflecting on our lives we start to feel a pang of guilt as we hadn’t done as much as we should have. Sometimes the favors of others are much greater than the efforts we’ve done in return. Our negligence towards repaying the favors makes us fall in the pit of guilt at times and we start to find ways to make it up somehow. This Nasheed is an example of how the realization dawned upon the poet that our Prophet PBUH has done so much for me and what am I doing in return? Why am I stuck in the shallow things of life while there is a much greater cause to work for? When the prophet spent his whole life working so that Islam could reach me in its original state, how can I forget that easily and not remember him every day? These questions made the poet guilty and he expressed his negligence in his poem humbly. Realisation itself is a gift, not everyone is gifted with.

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