Burning questions about the Palestinian issue answered in this video. 0:00 Why Pakistan does not recognize Israel? 2:44 Why has Turkey recognized Israel? 4:00 What is the use of protests against Israel? 7:44 Bait-ul-Maqdas is Qibla of Jews, what has Muslims got to do with it? 12:30 Besides protests, what can be done for Palestine Cause? 14:12 What Palestinians need at this time? 16:06 Hundreds of people die in Pakistan everyday so why we protest for Palestinian killings? 18:28 Did the rockets fired from Gaza in response to Israel created a bigger mess and escalated the issue? 21:53 Palestinians sold their land so why do they complain now? 23:43 Did Israel created Hamas? 29:12 Why Palestinians celebrate ceasefire despite their big loss? 32:26 What can we do for Palestinian people? 35:12 How come the Film Actors, Actresses and Civil Society held a protest in Karachi for Palestinians? 36:51 Is Palestinian issue only and solely a humanitarian issue and not a religion one?

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