Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to cry for his ummah all night. He was worried about what would happen to the ummah after him. Looking at ourselves now makes us realize that his concern for us was right. We as an ummah are indulged in this temporary world as if we have to live here forever. Our plans, our goals are all according to this world and we have stopped taking guidance from the Holy book of the Quran or the character of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The way we live today deciphers how we have forgotten our loving prophet PBUH and his teachings. None of our acts or styles prove that we love prophet PBUH. Our affection display is limited to putting up several lights on tall buildings or reciting long Naats showing love for Muhammad SAW. This isn’t how a Muslim should be proving his love. We should be concerned about the fact that loving someone means obeying and respecting them and putting them before ourselves. Remembering them in every moment and every step we take. If that’s not the case, then our claims to love Prophet Muhammad PBUH are not true. We need to reevaluate our feelings once again.

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