Ramadan is the month of blessings and training for Muslims. But, as soon as the month ends, and we enter the new month, there is a shift in our routines. All the good deeds and piousness we started observing in the Holy month of Ramadan, just vanishes in the thin air. Right after the month ends, we don’t even wait for a single day to go back to our previous routines. The same people you’ll see on television reciting hamds and naats in Ramadan will be seen dancing and singing on Eid. Have you ever wondered that why does this happen? The reason for this all is that we don’t understand Ramadan with its core meaning. We just think that not eating from Sahr to iftar is what Ramadan is all about. We forget that it’s only the outer attribute of this holy month, the real essence of Ramadan lies in initiating that love and fear of Allah subhanah wa ta’la in our heart, to practice abstinence (taqwa) and piety. May Allah subhanah wa ta’la help us reach that level of taqwa and khusoo even after Ramazan too. Ameen ya Rabb al Aalameen!

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