There is a clear ruling about giving charity in the Quran, Surah Baqarah. Showing off your charity to others by bragging about it would make you lose all the Ajr you got through it. In today’s world, you could be posting about your spendings online, which would also make you lose the Ajr. This way, the self-respect of the beneficiary gets hurt too. Our religion Islam takes care of even the slightest emotions of all and instructs us to be careful about it. In this verse, Allah swt has given an example of how feeble your deed becomes if it was a mere show-off. Like the sand on a mountain which washes off with rain. And how strong your charity turns into if your intentions were pure. Like trees which produce more fruit whenever rain pours down. Allah swt makes people realize the depth of their actions by mindful examples so that they’d learn. Read More

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