Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala without any doubt has created world for mankind with endless bounties, favours and provision. However, same as there is evil residing alongside good in this world, there is hunger of wealth and luxury with need of provision and comfort. Man’s endless desire for wealth is clearly depicted in towering buildings, skycapers and luxurious hotels and places humans have built for mere reason of showing off their wealth. This desire of materialistic world is like an endless pit which can never be fulfilled. However, this desire of wealth and luxury is completely relative. Like, if you try to see a 200-floor towering building form ground, it would seem to be huge and reaching the sky. But if you would look at the same building from horizon, it would look like a mere insignificant building. In the same way, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, fully aware of His creation has guided man to attain highness with taqwa and piety so that these attractions of this world become insignificant leading to a fulfilling and peaceful life. Attaining piety and being close to Allah makes man higher in wisdom and knowledge. One becomes fully aware that this life is temporary and so hurldes and struggles of this life are temporary too. Only everlasting abode is that of afterlife. “Now had We so willed We could indeed have exalted him through those signs, but he clung to earthly life and followed his carnal desires.” (7:176) Al-Araf.

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