The blessings of supplication are immensely great. You are responding to the order of Allah by supplicating and doing the same act as angels do. For every blessing you send to the prophet PBUH, you get 10 in return. Your level in Jannah gets raised 10 times. 10 new good deeds are added and 10 bad deeds are removed from your record. If you’re too poor to give charity, it compensates for that as well. It is a means of purification for he who invokes it. It is a means of salvation from the terror of the day of judgment. It is a way to remember something which has been forgotten. It safeguards a believer on the Siraat ul mustaqeem and makes their feet firm. Invoking blessing and peace upon the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم is his right upon us. Want to know more about the supplication? Play the video to understand Durood Shareef better. Read More

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