Kids and toddlers are the ultimate joy of life. Their small innocent acts bring smiles on our faces. No matter which color or cast the baby belongs to, we feel attracted to him regardless of any other factor.

But people who get too busy in their practical lives, find it difficult to appreciate little things in life. Playing with kids or loving them seems non-serious which they try to avoid to maintain their stature.

When we look at the life of Prophet PBUH, his stature was more than any worldly king yet he was affectionate towards kids and never hesitated to show it. His grandsons were attached to him dearly as he used to play with them even while he was at the masjid. He never ignored a kid let alone scolded them. It wasn’t just a trait he had, but also he had advised others to be kind to the little ones and love them so that Allah will be kind to you.

If a person thinks that showing affection to his kids would lower down his stature, he has a bitter and emotionless heart. Read More

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