In today’s world, if one talks about punishment of sins according to Islamic laws, they are considered inhumane and barbaric. This so-called civilized society has stamped the Islamic punishments as barbarism. These are the same people who have bombed cities and countries. They have burnt people alive and just turned them into pieces with bombings, but the Islamic punishments which are much less devastating than these, are considered barbarism. These same people will punish and torture people to death if they question the political powers, but the derogatory act of Zina is considered normal or a person’s choice. Zina is the root cause of many evils in the society and Islam has given proper guidelines how to stay away from zina and things which lead to zina. It has also told us the punishment of zina, to stone the zaani to death. But, this “humanitarian” society can’t digest this “brutality”. The children who are the result of Zina, don’t get the needed amount of love and education from parents because usually, the father doesn’t even want them. The purpose of Zina isn’t to cater for children, rather it’s just to satisfy their sexual needs. This whole situation cuts the moral roots of society and murders the whole society. So, if the punishment of murder is right, why the murderer of a society should not get the punishment he deserves? These Islamic punishments aren’t barbaric but are just to their core.

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