This is a very common-sense question which any sane person could think of. “Can a country’s law be based on a 1400 years old book?” Not just laws but general guidance on how to lead in life. The obvious answer is NO if it’s written by a human being. Humans tend to look at limited perspectives while addressing a topic. It is not humanly possible to do justice with a topic in a comprehensive and unbiased way. Now, one of the most astonishing miracles of the Quran is its relevance to every era of time. People from different cultures living different lives can all relate to the universal teachings of the Quran. Despite being 1400 years old, it preserves its relation with every new and current time. This is because it is not written by any human being but by the All-knowing Lord, the greatest of the greats, Allah SWT. Only Allah swt can write a book with such relevancy and accuracy. But how does it work for various times? Get to know the answer in the video above.

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تحریک آزادئ ہند اورمسلمان

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